How to Make Music Signs on Facebook With a Mac

The Macintosh operating system has several built-in symbols that can be accessed through most any browser through the top file menu. These symbols can be inserted into Facebook posts, allowing you to customize status updates and provide graphical context for any post. The default fonts on the system allow you to choose from several different music fonts, including treble clef, bass clef, C clefs, sharps, flats and many more useful music symbols.

 Step 1 Log in to your Facebook profile. Navigate to your "Home" page through the link at the top of the Facebook browser.

Step 2 Click the "Edit" menu at the top of your Internet browser. Select "Special Characters..." from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 Select the "View" drop-down menu and select the "All Characters" option. 

Step 4 Open the "Symbols" drop-down menu and select "Musical Symbols."

Step 5 Hover your cursor over the symbol you wish to input into your Facebook status update. Drag the symbol over to the text area box on Facebook. Drop the symbol into the text area.

Visit a site with a musical symbol that you would like to use if it is not in the default program. Copy the symbol by highlighting it and pressing "Command" and "C." Press "Command" and "V" in the dialog box to paste the symbol.


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