How to Make Music With Preschoolers

Making music with preschoolers involves an approach in which the teacher demonstrates and the child repeats the music action. Teaching children how to keep a pulse, play back rhythms and sing are all activities that a preschool music teacher must employ to be successful. Learning to use these activities successfully requires that the teacher have a firm grasp of the musical language. Activities must be arranged with no break between one activity and the next; otherwise, you risk losing the preschoolers' attention.

Step 1 Find a box and several ordinary household objects such as pens, pencils, coins, balls and buttons. Without letting the preschooler see, place an item in the box. Shake it and have her try and guess from a list of options what object was placed in the box. This will develop her listening skills.

Step 2 Play two notes on a musical instrument. One note should be high and the other low. Ask the preschooler to identify if the first pitch was high or low. Play this game for a few minutes until the preschooler can accurately identify pitch.

Step 3 Walk around the room while singing or playing a song from a recording. Walk in time to the music and instruct the child to do the same. Tell her to imitate your movements and place her foot on the ground at the same time as you.

Step 4 Play a game in which the preschool child may talk to other classmates but only if she does it by singing.

Step 5 Pass out drums to the preschool child. Play a simple rhythm on the drum and ask her to play it back for you. Increase the complexity and length of the rhythm and see how how far she can get before making a mistake.


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