Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to Make Musical Notes Using Keystrokes

Musical notes in your text editor, online or simply for creating emails and cards with a personalized touch, may be created using simple alternate keyboard codes. To make these codes work properly, you must have a Windows PC. These simple keystrokes will make it possible for you to quickly and easily create two types of musical notes. You can create a single eighth note or a pair of beamed eighth notes.

Step 1 Press "Number Lock" on your computer. This will ensure that the alt codes work properly.

 Step 2 Select the following keystroke combination to create an eighth note: alt, 1 and 3. The note will appear in your text editor.

Step 3 Use the keyboard combination alt, 1 and 4 to create a pair of beamed eighth notes.

For additional music symbols you will need to own a music notation software program, such as Finale. Finale allows you to use additional music symbols. If you own a Macintosh system, you can copy and paste symbols into your text. Just copy the symbol from a website that has the music note you would like to use.

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