How to Make a Piano Louder

Increasing the sound of the piano requires little to no effort on the part of the pianist and in most cases there are simple fixes to drastically increase the piano's output. Depending on the type of the piano, these fixes may take only a few moments. However, you must know ahead of time the type of piano you will play on. Achieving a thick and lush piano sound requires that you attend to the piano before the performance.

Step 1 Determine the type of piano you will play. If you will be playing a grand piano, open the lid by pulling up on the right side of the piano. You will see a lip from the large piano cover. Inside the piano are two sticks, a short one and a long one. Use the long stick to prop the lid open entirely and create the largest sound. Upright pianos do not have a mechanism for easily increasing the sound.

Step 2 Increase the sound of the piano without employing the lid by using the right damper pedal to create more resonance with the music. You may also use a firmer touch to create additional volume on the piano. Pianos are touch-sensitive, so the more forcefully you press on the keys, the louder the instrument will be.

Step 3 Add chords to your piano music. The more notes you have playing at one time, the louder the piano will sound.


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