How to Make a Quarter Note Using a Keyboard

Quarter notes are the basic units of time and except for in rare cases, quarter notes will take the space of one full beat. The symbol for a quarter note is a filled-in note-head attached to a stem. By learning to play quarter notes the keyboardist is able to increase his knowledge of music and begin to play written music.

Step 1 Look at the beginning of the piece and determine what the tempo is for the composition. If it is a numerical value, input that number into your metronome. If it is a tempo indication such as Andante or Allegro, look up the corresponding numerical value for that tempo in a musical dictionary.

Step 2 Start the metronome and get a good feeling for the tempo of each click.

Step 3 Press down on a keyboard key for the full value of the beat. Remove pressure at the end of the beat. If there is more than one quarter note, accent each one in the same way.

If the time signature is in cut-time you will need to play two quarter notes for every beat. This is because the time signature doubles the speed of the piece. Marches are usually in cut-time.


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