How to Make Recorded Vocals Louder

Using any audio editor, it is possible to make your recorded vocals louder. The process involves a straightforward technique called normalizing. Normalizing audio analyzes the entire audio file to find the loudest point, or peak. The peak is then used as the basis for increasing the entire audio file to the loudest setting possible without clipping the audio. Clipping can occur when the audio becomes so loud it gets distorted. There are both free and commercial programs available for this task.

 Step 1 Import your audio file into the audio editing program's main editing window. This will prepare the audio file for editing. Some programs require that you use the "File" menu and select the "Import" command to select and open the file.

Step 2 Locate the "Effects" or "Audio Effects" menu, depending on your program. In the drop-down menu that appears, select the "Normalize" function.

Step 3 Select the following options, if available on your program: "Remove any DC offset" and "Normalize maximum amplitude." In the dialog box for "db" enter the number 0.0. This will maximize the audio level.


Audacity: Effect Menu []

Resources (Further Reading)
Audacity: Download [] Bias: Peak Pro 6 []
Cakewalk: Sonar []


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