How to Make a Singer's Sore Throat Remedy

Vocalists need to prevent and reduce sore throats to help keep their vocal cords in top shape for performances. Vocalists can employ several methods of decreasing a sore throat while helping to heal their vocal cords. Healing the vocal cords in a healthy manner should be the prime concern of all vocalists. Some simple remedies exist to alleviate and reduce the pain associated with a sore throat.

Step 1 Boil water to make herbal tea with honey. Honey helps to relieve soreness in the throat.

Step 2 Stop smoking to reduce the irritation caused by smoke to your throat. As a general rule, singers should avoid smoking altogether; smoke dries out the vocal cords and hampers the voice.

Step 3 Refrain from speaking to allow your vocal cords time to relax. Professional singers have silent days where they do not speak to anyone. Rest is important for recovery.

Step 4 Avoid the tendency to cough or clear your throat. When you cough, you force the vocal cords to rub together. This creates extra tension and strain on your voice.

Step 5 Drink lots of water to help flush any phlegm out of of your body. Blowing your nose regularly will help to prevent the buildup of phlegm in the throat.

Step 6 Suck on sore throat lozenges several times a day. These will help to cool your throat and prevent damage. Look at the ingredients to make sure the lozenges don't contain caffeine as this will dry out your vocal cords.

Step 7 Rest as often as possible. Proper rest is essential to heal the voice and will make it possible for you to return to singing quickly.


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