How to Make a Song Without Vocals on GarageBand

Creating a song in GarageBand when you don't have a vocalist to sing is possible, provided you are alright with using only vocal "oohs" and "aahs" instead of words. This technique is used often when the sound of a choir is needed, but there are no lyrics to give the choir or vocalist. It is used in acoustic music as well as electronic music and is a valid method of creating music without vocals. GarageBand makes it possible to create a song that is song-like in nature, and is "sung" by the computer instead of an actual person.

Step 1 Open GarageBand and select the "Acoustic Instrument" option. When the program opens, select the "Vocals" option on the right-hand side under the "Real Instruments" tab. Choose the type of vocals you would like to use. There are several from which to choose including "Live Performance," "Pop Vocals, "Female Basic" and "Male Basic."

Step 2 Plug your piano into the MIDI input of your sound card. Make sure the piano is turned on and ready to play.

Step 3 Press the red record button on the instrument track in "GarageBand." Begin playing the music you wish to use as the vocal part on your keyboard. The music will be recorded with GarageBand and will be heard as the vocal style you selected in Step 1.

Step 4 Press the red record button again when you are done recording.

There are MIDI cables you can purchase that connect to the back of your MIDI piano keyboard and then connect to your computer via USB if you do not have a MIDI capable sound card.


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