How to Make Tiny Music Notes on Facebook

Use "Alt" codes to display single or beamed eighth notes on Facebook.

Creating those tiny music notes on a Facebook status update, message or email can be completed by even a novice computer user. Using keystroke combinations, you can input over 250 symbols into your correspondence. Music notes help to illustrate your intentions behind a post. Use music notes to display that you are singing, to indicate you are listening to music or in place of quotes to indicate a song's title. There are two options for music symbols: single eighth notes and a set of two beamed eighth notes.

Step 1 Type in the web address for Facebook and locate the conversation or status update you would like spice up with your music notes.

Step 2 Create a single eighth note with a stem and a flag by pressing "Alt+13" with the number lock key selected. This will make an eighth note appear in your message.

Step 3 Press "Alt+14" with number lock selected, to create two eighth notes that are connected by a bracket. Tips If you are using a Macintosh operating system or do not have a number lock key on your computer, navigate to a website that has the symbol you wish to use and copy and paste the symbol into your message.

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