How to Make Up Song Lyrics

Creating lyrics doesn't have to be a solo event.

Creating song lyrics can be difficult, but there are some tricks that can help spike your creativity to make up song lyrics. The most important thing a songwriter can do is to write every day. Even if you don’t come up with anything useful, the act of writing will get your mind thinking about lyrics and help you to be more productive in the future. Song lyrics require several edits before they are suitable for use in a song, so be patient and consistent to improve your ability.

Step 1 Write down as many ideas as possible by brainstorming about themes and subjects for song lyrics. The brainstorming process should help you to come up with some creative topics to write about. Coming up with a theme will help to guide your song lyrics.

Step 2 Select a theme from your brainstorming session and write lyrics with simple words that are easy to sing. Each phrase should consist of three to five words; however, phrases do not need to rhyme with each other. The first phrase may describe an experience, while the second phrase discusses the emotions felt by the experience. Get creative and don't be afraid to make mistakes in this initial draft. It is only a rough draft that you will edit later.

Step 3 Take a break after writing the initial draft. Taking a small break will help clear your mind and allow you to come back to writing with a fresh outlook. Some songwriters will take an entire day off before looking at their rough drafts; others will come back after 15 minutes.

Step 4 Review the song lyrics for awkward phrases and sentences that don't make sense. This is the point in the creative process to employ your analytical faculties. Don't be afraid to toss the lyrics entirely and start over. Great lyrics do not come easily.

Keep a notebook nearby to jot down ideas as they come to you. When you ignore ideas they have a tendency to stop manifesting themselves. The more you write, the more creative you will become with your lyrics. Be patient; your first few attempts may not be worthy of placement in a song. With practice, you can continue to develop your skill. Join a poetry club to get valuable feedback from other poets and lyricists. Read your lyrics out loud to ensure that there is a logical continuity between the words and phrases.


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