How to Make a WMV Louder

There are several audio-editing programs that will allow you to manipulate, edit and record audio. To increase the volume of a WMV audio file you need to use a process called normalization. Normalizing audio will take the WMV audio file and increase the volume to the maximum level possible without distorting of clipping the audio. Clipping is something that you want to avoid since it will create crackling and popping in your WMV audio. Audacity, Sonar and Peak all provide similar functions to make your WMV louder.

Step 1 Install Audacity or a similar audio-editing program on your system. Audacity is available as a free download from the manufacturer (see Resources).

Step 2 Start your audio editing program and drag your WMV file into the application. This will import the WMV file and prepare it for editing.

Step 3 Open the "Effect" menu in Audacity or similar option in another program, then select "Normalize." Leave all the options on the default setting. Click "OK."

Step 4 Open the "File" menu and select "Export" from the drop-down menu. Save the file to your desktop and listen to your normalized WMV file.


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