How to Make Your Own CD Kits

Create a press kit to showcase skill and talent.

Artists need to have press kits available through download and through a physical CD. This press kit is the heart of advertising for an independent group and should be prepared as soon as possible. The purpose of a press kit is to quickly provide marketing information to prospective radio stations, retailers, producers and clients with whom the recording artist would like to work.

Step 1 Include a cover letter in your press kit. The cover letter should detail succinctly why the artist is sending the press kit.

Step 2 Create an artist biography to include in the press kit. Start with a short version that summarizes the artist's experience and accomplishments. Artists may also attach a longer version, but this usually is not necessary.

Step 3 Insert photos into the press kit. The photos should be of professional quality. Artists must invest the money to have professional head shots taken, if they want to be taken seriously.

Step 4 Create a song or works list to include in the press kit. This list will provide an essential component to the press kit, as it allows for a quick overview of what the artist has accomplished.

Step 5 Include a high quality demo recording of the artist's work. This demo recording is the most important part of the press kit, as it will showcase the artist's competence as a musician.

Step 6 Include a professional business card for easy reference so that the artist can be easily contacted.

Step 7 Insert newspaper clippings and articles in which the artist was featured. Media attention tends to reflect favorably on the artist and will give the artist some added credibility.

Step 8 Create a downloadable version of the press kit. Many organizations now accept digital press kits and prefer them to standard kits.

Do something to stand out from other press kits. Make the envelope appealing. Spend the time required to make a high quality press kit. Update the press kit periodically with new accomplishments. Avoid sending a press kit by certified mail unless it is requested. Forcing someone to sign for it is a sure way to get it rejected.

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