How to Make Your Own Chin Rest Cover for a Violin

The chin rest consists of a pear-shaped plastic detachment.

Chin rests can be uncomfortable because they consist of a single piece of plastic that helps a violinist hold the violin with just her chin. Creating a cover for the chin rest provides a simple modification that will improve her level of comfort. With a needle, thread and some felt, you can create an effective chin rest cover for long practice sessions. Don't use the cover in a performance, though, because generally chin rest covers are seen as unnecessary and excessive items. 

Step 1 Moisten the end of a thread by briefly putting the thread in your mouth. Feed the thread through the small loop at the top of the needle and pull it through about 1 inch.

Step 2 Remove the chin rest by pulling down on the metal brace on the bottom of the rest and slide the chin rest off the violin. Place your chin rest on top of a piece of felt and cut the area around the plastic portion of the chin rest. Follow the outline of the plastic piece, but give yourself an extra 1/2 inch on all sides. You may wish to draw an outline of the plastic chin rest with a marker to make cutting easier.

Step 3 Position the felt you cut from Step 2 on top of a new piece of felt. Draw an outline using the pre-cut piece of felt as a guide. Cut the new piece of felt out so that you have two identical pieces.

Step 4 Sew the two pieces of felt together along the edges while leaving the side that will face toward the metal braces on the chin rest open. When you have finished sewing tie off the string with two knots and then cut away any excess string.

Step 5 Turn the felt chin rest cover inside out and slide it over the plastic chin rest.
Violinist: Make a Customized Chinrest Cushion Yourself []


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