How to Make Your Voice Vibrate While Singing

Vibrato is the result of years of practicing proper vocal technique.

The vibrating sound that is heard when a vocalist sings is the result of a technique called vibrato. It is not something you must force, because it must develop naturally through proper vocal production. When the vocal folds align properly and the vocalist sings in a healthful and natural manner, the folds begin to vibrate and create the natural vibrato that singers desire. The only way to develop vibrato is to practice healthful vocal techniques and learn to sing properly. When you breathe properly, pronounce words properly, and allow the air to flow unobstructed through your body, a vibrato will come naturally.

Step 1 Breathe from your diaphragm. Avoid breathing into your chest. Breathing into the chest produces constriction in the lungs and creates tension.

Step 2 Sing using proper vocal diction. Listen carefully to recordings of professional singers and how they pronounce words. Private instructors can help when learning diction. Diction is the manner in which you pronounce syllables and consonants. Poor diction also creates tension and prevents the vocal folds from vibrating freely.

Step 3 Relax the body by relaxing your shoulders, standing straight, and keeping your neck straight. Hunching over and creating tension within the neck prevent the vocal folds from vibrating properly.

Lack of vibrato comes from tension somewhere in the body. When your vocal folds are tight, vibrato is not possible. Warnings Manipulating the airflow makes it possible to fake vibrato. However, this is unhealthy, and does not solve the underlying problem of why a singer does not have a vibrato.

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Resources (Further Reading)
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