How to Match Left Hand Chords to Right Hand Melody Notes

Playing with your hands together takes some time and patience.

Learning to synchronize the right and left hand while playing piano is a problem that many beginning pianists face. There are exercises that will help you to develop additional coordination between your hands and improve your ability to match the left hand chords to the right hand melody notes. By following a specific technique to develop your coordination, you will learn to coordinate the right and left hands in a way that allows you to perform effectively.

Step 1 Increase your finger independence by practicing finger exercises. Press down the left pinky with the right thumb first and then proceed from left to right with the rest of the fingers. Concentrate on moving both fingers from each hand at the same time. Do this before playing each day for 5 to 7 minutes.

Step 2 Practice the left hand chords first until you can play them in tempo and without hesitation. Once you have learned the left hand chords independently, start practicing the right hand melody. Once you have learned both parts independently move on to the next step.

Step 3 Look at the music and draw lines between where the left hand chords line up with the right hand melody notes. This will help you see where the melody lines up with the chords.

Step 4 Practice playing one chord at a time along with the melody notes that match up with the chord. Play each chord and melody component separately until it is comfortable.

Step 5 Continue learning the piece by matching chords with melody notes. Start slow and only play two chords in the beginning. Once you can play two chords along with the right hand melody without a break, add another chord. Continue to do this until you have learned the piece.

Go slow. Practice each chord and melody slowly and don't increase the speed until you have learned the music.

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