How to Measure Trombone Mouthpieces

You can measure a trombone mouthpiece with a measuring tape and the proper understanding of the different parts of the mouthpiece. The main parts you need to measure are the rim diameter, the rim width, the throat, cup and the bore of the mouthpiece. The bore refers to the total width of the end of the mouthpiece. The cup refers to the cup-shaped interior of the mouthpiece and connects to the rim. The throat refers to the hole in the cup of the mouthpiece.

Step 1 Measure from one edge of the mouthpiece to the other edge. Make sure you measure directly across the center of the mouthpiece, otherwise you will get the wrong number. This measurement should be completed in millimeters.

Step 2 Approximate the depth of the cup. If the cup extends inward about 0.5 inches, the cup is considered a medium cup. A deep cup is about 0.7 inches and a shallow cup is about 0.25 inches. You can measure the depth by pencil inside the cup and marking where the rim meets the pencil.

Step 3 Identify the rim width. Measure from one side of the rim to the other straight across. An average rim width is about 0.5 inches.

Step 4 Measure the throat width by placing a pencil inside the mouthpiece and into the throat. Mark the outside of pencil tip, remove the pencil and cut off the end up to the point where your marking falls. Place the flat pencil tip onto the measuring tape and measure the width in inches. You may also place the measuring tape inside the mouthpiece and measure the distance between one edge of the hole and the other.

Step 5 Place the measuring tape on the bottom of the mouthpiece to measure the size of the bore on the end of the mouthpiece. This is the portion that is inserted into the trombone. Measure the diameter in inches.


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