How to Merge, Split & Convert MP3 Files

Merging and splitting MP3 files can be completed by using the same functions within an audio program. Converting MP3 files is a separate process that can be completed after the files have been split or merged. To accomplish this task, you will need an audio editor capable of manipulating audio. Audacity is a popular free audio editor that works on Macintosh and Windows platforms. It can be used to split, merge and convert MP3 files. WavePad Sound Editor (Mac and Windows) and Power Sound Editor (Windows) are other options.

Splitting Audio 

Step 1 Start by downloading an audio editor if you do not already have one. Once you have installed the program, move on to the next step.

Step 2 Drag the file that you would like to split into the audio editor. This will import the file and prepare it for editing. Step 3 Place the cursor at the point in the audio file that you would like to split. Drag the cursor over the entire section that you would like to cut.

Step 3, I'm confused why we've gone from calling this "split" to "splice."

Step 4 Preview the selection by pressing the "Play" button. Verify that the entire section of audio you want split is selected.

Step 5 Select "Edit" from the menu and choose the "Split" option.

Step 6 Create a new file by selecting the "File" menu and then the "New" option. 

Step 7 Paste the previously split section into the new file by selecting the "Edit" menu and "Paste." This will place your split audio into the new file.


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