How to Mic a Clarinet

Miking the clarinet in the right place will make a crucial difference in how the recording sounds. If you place the mic at the bell, you will lose three quarters of the sound produced through the open finger holes on the clarinet. The sound of the clarinet does not come through the bell of the instrument; it emits from the entire length of the clarinet. Knowing this will make it possible for you to place the mic in an appropriate location.

Step 1 Place the small-diaphragm condenser mic on a mic stand that is approximately 4 feet high.

Step 2 Aim the microphone toward the lower joint of the clarinet, about one foot from the actual instrument.

Step 3 Experiment with the position during the sound check. Ask the player to perform as normal and monitor the mic through your recording equipment.

Using a small clip-on mic is possible for live performances. Place it on the side of the clarinet immediately after the lower joint connects with the upper joint. This is a less preferable option to a mic stand.


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