How to Move a Digital Baby Grand Piano

A digital baby grand piano can be moved with the help of four people. Digital pianos do not go out of tune when moved, unlike an acoustic piano. This means the movers don't have to worry about conditions such as humidity, bumpy roads and temperature affecting the tuning of the piano. The digital baby grand can be moved with relatively little discomfort. Learning the proper procedure and some safety precautions for moving a digital baby grand will make it possible to move your piano easily between locations.

Step 1 Throw a king-size blanket over the top of the piano. Wrap the blanket around the legs of the piano and place duct tape around the legs to prevent damage to the piano legs.

Step 2 Unplug the cord from the back of the piano and place it in a large plastic bag. Tape the bag to one of the legs or the top of the piano to prevent losing the cord.

Step 3 Gather four friends or professional movers to help you lift the piano and carry it to a vehicle waiting outside and then to the new location. Open all of the doors ahead of time and move very slowly through doorways and corridors to prevent damaging the piano.

Step 4 When you arrive at the new location unless the digital piano has wheels, do not push the piano into place. This can bend and break the legs. Instead, lift the piano and set it in the proper location with the help of the four friends or professional movers.


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