How to Move Frets & Strings Faster on a Guitar

Improving your speed on the guitar requires that you have a firm understanding of where all of the notes fall on the instrument, without having to look at the strings and frets. To do this, you will need to be able to learn to play each note using the correct hand position depending on the location of the pitch on the string. Practicing chords will help you learn to move quickly between frets and strings.

Step 1 Develop your ability to play over several strings by learning to play major and minor chords. Start with A C major chord.

Step 2 Place your index finger on the B-string, first fret; the middle finger on the D-string, second fret; and the ring finger on the A-string, third fret.

Step 3 Move quickly between the three strings to develop your coordination in your fingers. Continue to practice all major and minor chords until you can play them without making mistakes, in triplets, at 120 beats per minute.


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