How to Play Bamboo Flute Transverse

Learning how to play a bamboo transverse flute, also known as a side-blown flute, can provide you with an entertaining and productive hobby. Learning to play a musical instrument can add entertainment and musical enrichment to your life. Playing a transverse flute requires some experimentation, but, with a few guidelines, you can be playing your transverse flute with ease.

Step 1 Hold the flute sideways with your left hand closest to the mouth and the palm facing toward your face. The right hand's palm faces away from you. The open end faces to the right and the blowhole is directly below your lower lip.

Step 2 Place the first three fingers of your left hand (index, middle and pinkie) on the first three holes of the flute. Use the same position for the first three fingers of your right hand.

Step 3 Keep the flute balanced by placing your left thumb and right thumb under the bottom of the flute in a place that is natural and comfortable. The thumbs should be below the index fingers. The right pinkie can be placed on the top end of the flute to keep the flute secure.

Step 4 Position the mouth opening directly below your lower lip and stretch the corners of your lips to the side so that the lips are flat against the teeth. The flute is to be completely covered by your lips.

Step 5 Begin blowing through your lips and slowly turning the flute away from you. This slowly opens up the mouthpiece and puts it in line with your lips. As you rotate the flute, listen for the point at which you get the best sound. The edge of the hole will likely be flush against your lips, allowing air to travel over the mouthpiece.

Step 6 Hold a steady tone with all of the holes open (not covered) until you can achieve a consistent quality sound.

Step 7 Play a scale starting from the open pitch, down to the lowest pitch. To play a scale, start with the open fingering and then add one finger at a time to extend the flutes range lower.

Do not blow into the instrument. Blow across the hole, in the same manner as when blowing into a glass bottle.


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