How to Play a C2 Chord on a Guitar

Playing a C2 chord on a guitar requires you to hold five notes on five different strings. C2 chords do not exist as standard chords in music, but musicians commonly refer to a Cadd2/Cadd9 chord as a C2 chord. Learning to play this chord will improve your knowledge of music and increase your technique on the guitar. The chord consists of the notes E - C - G - D - C from highest pitch to lowest.

Step 1 Leave the first string open This is the smallest string. Don't press down on any frets. This string will play the note E.

Step 2 Position your first finger (index finger) on the first fret, playing the note C.

Step 3 Keep the third and fourth strings open, playing notes G and D. Step 4 Play the low octave C on the fifth string by pressing down on the third fret with your middle finger. Step 5 Use your left hand to strum across the first five strings. Do not activate the sixth string.


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