How to Play D on the G String on a Viola

The viola consists of four strings of different pitches. The lowest string is the C string followed by G, D and then A. To play a D on the G string, you must first understand where to place your fingers. The viola itself places the left hand around the neck while a bow pulls or pushes across the desired string. Learning to play a D on the G string will allow you to play several other pitches in close proximity.

Step 1 Hold the viola with the left hand. The left hand should be wrapped around the next. The index finger should be on the first node of the G string. The remaining 3 fingers should be placed on the remaining nodes moving towards the bridge of the viola. The nodes are the metal frets that appear along the viola.

Step 2 Press down firmly on the fourth node, using your ring finger. This is the correct place to press down on the G string to play a D.

Step 3 With your right hand, pull the bow across the string midway between the bridge and the fingerboard. Provided the violin is tuned correctly, this will play a D.


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