How to Play a Five Hole Ocarina

The ocarina consists of five holes that are covered by the fingers to raise or lower the pitch. Learning to play the ocarina requires only that the player be able to blow through the instrument with a steady stream of air. Playing the ocarina only requires moderate energy since the instrument can create a high quality sound with very little effort on the part of the performer. Learn to coordinate your fingers to play the five hole ocarina and you will succeed.

Step 1 Hold the instrument with the mouthpiece between your lips. Place your hands on either side of the ocarina, using your left thumb to cover the hole on the bottom and your left and right index and middle finger to cover the four holes on top.

Step 2 Cover all five holes and blow through the ocarina. This will allow you to play the lowest note on the ocarina. Different instruments will produce varying low notes. Ocarinas can be pitched in any key.

Step 3 Cover the first two holes on the left side of the instrument with your index and middle finger of the left hand. Cover the two holes on the right side of the instrument with your index and middle finger of the right hand. Keep the thumb hole covered with either your right or left thumb. This will allow you to play the next note.

Step 4 Remove your left middle finger from the second hole on the left side and use your left index finger to cover the first hole on the left side. This will allow you to play the next note in the series.

Step 5 Play the notes from Step 2 through Step 4 in reverse order and repeat them. You have just played "Three Blind Mice."

Step 6 Learn other songs by consulting the fingering chart that came with your ocarina and learning to play all 12 chromatic notes.


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