How to Play a G/B Chord

When you see a chord that lists two notes separated by a slash mark, it indicates that the chord is an inversion. The number on the right side of the slash must be placed in the bass. The chord quality, whether it is major, minor, augmented or diminished is indicated on the first part of the slash. If there is no indication such as a lowercase"m" or a "dim." abbreviation, then the chord must be major.

Step 1 Build a G major chord. The G major chord consists of G, B and D.

Step 2 Place the B in the bass so that it is the lowest note played.

Step 3 Position the other notes above the B so that the chord is completed. You must include the G and D somewhere above the B. Preferable the G and D should not be separated by more than an octave.

Step 4 Play B on the 2nd fret, D on the 3rd fret and G on the open G string to play this chord on guitar. On piano, just place B in the bass and then play G and D on top.


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