How to Put on a Chin Pillow for a Violin

The chin rest is the black oval piece that is attached to the violin's body.

Attaching a chin pillow to a violin is a process that often causes confusion. Chin pillows are made of felt or foam and come in the shape of a teardrop. You may think the chin pillow is a replacement for the chin rest when in fact it is an accessory for the chin rest to make it more comfortable. Attaching a chin pillow should only take a few minutes.

Step 1

Remove the chin rest from the violin by gently pulling down on the metal brace and slipping the chin rest off the violin. The chin rest consists of a rounded metal bar and a plastic chinrest.

Step 2

Place the chin pillow on the side of the chin rest you rest your chin on, with the elastic band facing downward. The elastic band stretches from one side of the chin rest to the other, to enable the band to slide easily over the chin rest.

Step 3

Wrap the elastic band around the chin rest.

Step 4

Attach the chin rest back onto the violin by placing the metal bar underneath the body of the violin and pushing upwards to snap the chin rest back in place. The chin pillow will stay in place due to the tension of the elastic band.


If the chin pillow seems loose or continually falls off, you have purchased a chin pillow in the wrong size. You may be able to exchange it for a pillow of the correct size - ask the merchant who sold you the pillow.

Some chin pillows have a hollow enclosure that slips over the chin rest. These types of chin pillows do not use an elastic band.


While very unlikely, it is possible to damage the violin if you attach the chin rest too forcefully. Use care when removing and attaching the chin rest.


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