How to Remove Constant Hisses From Audio

Removing hissing from audio requires a few simple steps.

Removing hissing from an audio file is possible when the hissing is in the extreme high range of the audio file. In certain cases, where the audio hissing has destroyed the audio, it will be possible to only minimize the effect. When the hissing is very high-pitched, the chances of removing the hissing is more likely. Two functions will help to remove hissing in an audio file. By using Audacity, a free audio editor, it is possible to clean up your recording.

Step 1

Download and install Audacity. This is a free audio editor that provides professional-level results.

Step 2

Open Audacity and drag the music file that you wish to edit into the main preview pane. This will enable the program to analyze and import the audio for editing.

Step 3

Select a portion of the audio in which there is only hissing. This should be at the beginning or end of the audio.

Step 4

Select "Noise Removal" from the "Effects" menu. Click "Get Noise Profile." The audio editor will then assess the selected portion of audio from Step 3 to differentiate between hissing and audio.

Step 5

Select "Noise Removal" from the "Effects" menu again. This time, just click "OK." This will run the noise-removal function on the audio.

Step 6

Select the "Low Pass Filter" option located under the "Effects" menu. Low-pass filters remove audio that is over the specified frequency. Leave the option as is and press "OK."

Step 7

Select the "Compressor" under the "Effects" menu. Don't change any of the options and press "OK." The compressor will help to further minimize any of the remaining hissing.


If the hissing isn't removed and the audio wasn't damaged by using the low-pass filter, try decreasing the value in the frequency box by 50 hertz at a time until the hissing is gone.


Save your audio file as a new file to prevent losing the original file.
Avoid monitoring your audio file with headphones. It is possible that while editing the audio a mistake will be introduced into the audio causing loud noises. This can harm your hearing.


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