How to Replace Viola Pegs

Replacing viola pegs requires some experience with playing and working on violas. While the process itself does not require a great amount of time, you must have some knowledge of the strings, their position on the viola and how to tune the instrument. Pegs may be purchased pre-made from almost any music store. You will need to cut them to fit your particular instrument and adjust them as necessary.

Step 1 Write on the pegs the numbers one to four to indicate their position from the highest to the lowest peg hole on the viola neck. This will help you remember what peg belongs in each hole.

Step 2 Twist and simultaneously push the viola pegs into the slots on the viola neck. Don't press them so far in that they can't be removed.

Step 3 Mark the point where the peg protrudes from the other side of the viola neck with a pencil. The top hole on the right side will hold the first peg, the second hole on the left will hold the second peg, the third hole on the right side holds the third peg and the bottom hole on the left side houses the fourth peg.

Step 4 Use a scroll saw to cut the pegs at the point where you made the marking.

Step 5 Sand the end of the peg with a medium-grain sandpaper to even out the end. Then use a fine-grain sandpaper to smooth the bottom of the peg.

Step 6 Place the pegs in their appropriate holes based on the numbers you wrote on them.

Step 7 Reinstall the strings on the viola by threading the end of the string through the hole on the top of the peg and then turning the peg to tighten the string. Do not tie a knot, pull the thread through 1/4 inch and line it up parallel and flush with the peg. When you twist the string around the peg, the tension from twisting will hold the string in place.

The thinnest string attaches to the top peg. The second thinnest string attaches to the second peg. The second thickest string attaches to the third peg. The thickest string attaches to the bottom peg.


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