Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to Replace a Violin Bow Tip Plate

The violin bow tip plate protects the bow and provides additional weight and stability to ensure that the bow has proper balance. The bow is held between the right thumb and the index finger. In order to maintain the balance of the bow, it is crucial to find a tip plate that is light and will not affect the weight of the bow greatly. The tip's primary purpose is to hold the hairs of the bow and is removed during rehairing -- the process of restringing a bow with new hairs.

Step 1 Using a flathead screwdriver, lift the plate and separate it from the violin bow.

Step 2 Apply glue to the backside of the tip and to the portion of the bow where the original tip was placed.

Step 3 Place the new bow tip in the place of the original tip. Line it up properly with the end of the bow.

Step 4 Lightly clamp the tip in place to ensure a tight fit with the front of the bow. Use a rubber clamp to avoid damaging the bow.

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