How to Run a Tech Rehearsal

he director of a stage production runs the technical rehearsals. Two or three tech rehearsals are usually scheduled immediately before dress rehearsals, which are the final rehearsals before opening a show. Tech rehearsals ensure that all aspects of a show not related to the acting run smoothly during performances. Tech rehearsals focus on perfecting the set changes, sound cues and volume, lighting placement and cues, and the costumes. Actors usually skip through the text of the show during tech rehearsals and move directly from one technical cue to the next.

Step 1 Check the lighting utilized in each scene of the play. This includes positioning the instruments, verifying the colors and lighting intensity used in each scene, and verifying the lighting cues in the lighting operator's script, which will be followed during each performance.

Step 2 Check the sound cues. Set the volume and placement of each cue that will be used during the play. Verify the cues are properly placed in the script the sound operator will follow during each performance.

Step 3 Run through each set change with those who will perform them. Be sure the changes can be performed quickly and smoothly during a performance.

Step 4 Verify the costumes fit correctly and look correct in performance lighting. Perform any quick changes that will be done during the performance and verify they can be done in the time allowed.

The director should go over the tech cues with the stage manager and lighting/sound operators ahead of time and provide them with an overview of what will be needed and expected. The stage manager will be responsible for the smooth running of the show after it opens.


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