How to Ship a Trumpet

Shipping a trumpet is a procedure that shouldn't be completed hastily. Trumpets can range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Because of the high value of the instrument, you should take extra precautions to ensure that it is not damaged. By taking a few minutes to ensure that the instrument is packed securely, you can minimize the risk of losing money on a valuable investment.

Step 1 Wrap the trumpet in a thin and soft cloth and then place it inside of its case. Stuff the side of the trumpet with bubble wrap or styrofoam eggs to help prevent it from bouncing around in transit.

Step 2 Close the trumpet case and wrap the trumpet with mailing paper. Make sure the entire case is wrapped securely.

Step 3 Purchase a large, double-walled box that will accommodate the entire trumpet case and leave 4 inches of extra space on all sides. Fill the box with 3 inches of styrofoam eggs and then place the trumpet inside the box.

Step 4 Fill the rest of the box with styrofoam eggs and make sure the trumpet case is securely fixed in place. The trumpet should be secure enough that the case does not move.

Step 5 Wrap the box seams with mailing tape. Use three layers to ensure that the tape does not come loose.

Step 6 Write the word "Fragile" on the outside of the box. You should write this on all sides of the box to ensure that this is easily viewed.

Step 7 Take your package to UPS or FedEx. Ask them to include delivery confirmation, tracking and insurance for the total cost of the trumpet and shipping charges.

UPS will guarantee your package and provide insurance against damage if you pay them to pack the item for you. If you are short on time this is a good option. Delivery confirmation, tracking and insurance will cost extra, but it is worth spending the extra money to protect your investment.


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