How to Sing High Notes Loudly

Singing loudly requires more than sheer power and air. To sing loudly consistently, singers must develop their breathing technique, diction and endurance. This task takes time and a commitment to practicing, at least, five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each day. To truly develop the ability to sing high notes loudly, singers must develop and strengthen their lungs, vocal cords and increase their practical range.

Step 1 Breathe in through your mouth and pushing it down into your diaphragm. [

Step 2 Use the muscles of your stomach area to push the air out.

Step 3 Start singing on a note about a fifth away from the highest point of your range. At a normal volume, slowly sing “hmmm” down a perfect fifth, blending the notes in between the top and bottom note to create a continuous sound. Continue to increase the pitch one-half step at a time until you reach the highest note you can sing comfortably. This will increase your high range by lengthening and expand your vocal cords over time.

Step 4 Sing scales daily to increase your ability to sing in tune and expand your range. Start the scale at a low volume and end with the highest note of the scale with your loudest volume. Do not scream or overstress your vocal cords. Building strength in this way will take time.

Step 5 Ensure that you are singing with proper diction. Poorly articulated words will sound muffled and weaker.

Begin every session with a warm-up routine to get your voice ready for singing exercises. Drink plenty of water to ensure the vocal cords have enough moisture and to prevent damage.


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