How to Sing High Soprano

Many female singers want to sing soprano; However, it is important to be realistic and honestly assess the natural range of your voice. If you do not have the natural characteristics required to be a soprano, it will not be possible to sing high soprano without seriously damaging your voice. Developing a high range, regardless of your voice is important, but the quality of the voice is more important than the actual range you can sing.

Step 1 Record your voice singing a song that lies comfortably in your range and that you know well; after warming up your voice.

Step 2 Listen to the recording. Identify whether your voice is light, slender and penetrating, or dark, rich and multi-layered. The former is a typical characteristic of a soprano; the latter indicates you may be a mezzo-soprano.

Step 3 Play a note in the middle of the range on the piano. Begin singing along with the piano in half steps, until you reach the highest note in your range. If the highest pitch you can sing easily is above an A, it is likely that you are a soprano. Otherwise, you are likely a mezzo-soprano.

Step 4 Start on a pitch that is seven half steps below your highest pitch. Sing the syllable “hmmm” down a perfect fifth. A perfect fifth is seven half steps.

Step 5 Sing the exercise again a half step higher and continue singing this exercise until you reach the highest note you can sing comfortably. This exercise will stretch your vocal chords, allowing you to sing higher notes.

Step 6 Stop singing the moment that it becomes even slightly difficult to sing any higher. Start again the next day and complete this exercise after a good warm-up. Attempt to increase your range only if you are able to do so comfortably.

While it is useful to know if you are a mezzo-soprano or a soprano, try to avoid concentrating on this too much. The only way to really know is to continue practicing and consult a professional voice teacher. It can take years to accurately pinpoint a student’s voice. Especially when the singer is young, the voice will go through many changes.


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