How to Sing Without Getting Nervous

Even professionals become nervous while singing in front of an audience. The best thing you can do to improve your ability to sing in public and reduce nervousness is to sing as often as possible. Practice and familiarity with singing will help you through even the most difficult circumstances. Some techniques and tips will help ensure that you have a successful performance and reduce the level of anxiety you feel when approaching the stage. There are three techniques that will reduce your anxiety -- preparation, relaxation techniques and experience.

Step 1 Prepare your music until you are able to sing it without making any mistakes and from memory. One of the keys to reducing anxiety over singing is preparation. Learn the music to the point where you can sing with minimal effort. This will reduce the level of stress over your performance since you will be confident that you are able to sing the music.

Step 2 Relax before going on stage. A warm-up routine of long tones and flexibility exercises will give you the proper mind-set and help relax you before you go on stage. Before going on stage, tense every muscle in your body and then relax them several times. Professionals use these techniques to help release any tension in their body.

Step 3 Sing as often as possible in front of friends, strangers, at parks and in concerts. The best cure for nervousness is experience. After you have completed a few performances successfully, you will begin to feel more confident in your skill and experience less nervousness.

Remember that every musician is nervous before going on stage. A certain amount of nervousness helps to bring passion to the performance. Most musicians will only feel nervous at the beginning of a song. As you start to sing, you will begin to feel more relaxed. Remember this feeling the next time you have to sing. Knowing that the worst part is getting started will help you improve. Expect that you will have some degree of nervousness before singing. Nervousness is a good thing as it shows you care about your performance. Singers that are never nervous often don't care enough about the performance to become nervous.


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