How to Stick a Mouthpiece in a Clarinet

The mouthpiece is one of the most important parts of the clarinet. A clarinet mouthpiece houses the reed and the ligature. Putting the instrument together may be confusing for the beginning clarinetist, as it requires the use of grease and a proper turning motion to secure the mouthpiece to the clarinet. With a little knowledge about how the clarinet is constructed, it will be possible for anyone to properly place the mouthpiece on the clarinet.

Step 1 Begin by applying cork grease to the cork on the end where the mouthpiece attaches. Apply a small amount and wipe off any excess with a cloth. You don’t want the cork grease to fall onto the instrument.

Step 2 Remove the ligature from the clarinet mouthpiece. This part attaches the reed to the mouthpiece.

Step 3 Twisting the mouthpiece onto the cork end of the clarinet barrel, apply pressure to ensure that the mouthpiece fits snugly. The side of the mouthpiece into which you place the reed should line up with the back of the clarinet.

Step 4 Place the ligature back on the mouthpiece and slide the reed between the mouthpiece and the ligature. Ensure that the reed lines up with the end of the mouthpiece and doesn’t extend past the tip.

Step 5 Tighten the ligature with the screws on the side to prevent the reed from moving.


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