How to Stop a Boombox's Bass Noise

A boombox has the potential to create very heavy bass sound. This may be undesirable for certain types of music, such as classical, country, folk and jazz. Using a graphic equalizer common to all stereo systems, you can reduce the amount of bass that is emitted from the speakers. Most boomboxes have a series of five adjustment levers that can be used to adjust varying frequencies in the music. The best setup usually looks like an arch in which the low frequencies and the high frequencies are reduced.

Step 1 Find the graphic equalizer levers. There will be anywhere from three to five levers on most systems. These levers will allow you to equalize your music to a level that is suitable to your tastes. It may be necessary to adjust them differently for each type of music.

Step 2 Locate the two levers on the far left. They will probably have numbers in the vicinity of 60 hertz and 300 hertz. These are the levers to adjust the bass. The other levers on a five-band equalizer are typically 300 hertz, 1 kilohertz, 5 kilohertz and 10 kilohertz, ranging from mid-bass to treble.

Step 3 Adjust the lowest lever so that it is pressed all the way down. The second lever should be adjusted about 1/4 of the way from the bottom. Tips


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