How to Stop Violin Pegs From Slipping

Slipping violin pegs are a common problem among amateur string players that don't know how to properly wind the violin strings. A properly wound string will create tension in the peg that will prevent the peg from slipping. If your violins pegs are slipping it is not because you need new pegs or the holes in the peg box have become worn in. Luckily, this is an easy fix that involves simply restringing the violin strings.
  1. Unwind the peg entirely so that it moves freely inside the peg box. The goal is to loosen the strings without removing the pegs from the box. The pegs of a violin slip because the strings are not wound tightly enough. You must completely restring the violin to restore tension and prevent the pegs from slipping.
  2. Rewind the string and be careful to keep the tension between the string and the peg. If the strings are not taut while winding the string, your pegs will continue to slip. The proper tension can be achieved by winding the string as tightly against the peg. The string should not be loose at all. You may need to pull on the string slightly while winding to ensure that the string doesn't come loose while tightening.
  3. Continue to wind the string as the string starts to become taught between the bridge and the peg. When you reach the point where the peg can only be turned four more times, push the peg into the hole while winding the string the remaining four turns. Complete the same process for the remaining three pegs. Each peg should be rewound occasionally to prevent additional slipping.
If the pegs on your violin continue to slip, consider taking the instrument into a qualified repair shop. There may be a greater issue at play that requires professional help.


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