How to Stop Voice From Wobbling During Singing

Removing the wobbling sound from your voice will make it possible to sing with a consistent, pure and effective tone. The vibrato in your voice signifies that you are singing properly and healthily. If you have a vocal wobble, it signifies that something about your singing needs to be corrected. Removing the wobble from your voice will ensure that your tone produces a rich, clear and youthful timbre. 

Step 1 Use proper posture when singing. Avoid hunching the shoulders and cramping the neck. Ensure that your jaw is relaxed and reduce tension wherever you find it in your body.

Step 2 Breathe from the diaphragm to ensure that you are not holding air in your chest. When you breathe correctly, you should feel your sides expand and your stomach get larger. Push the air out from the diaphragm when you sing. 

Step 3 Form the sound "ng" with your tongue to create an arch in the middle of your tongue with the tip of the tongue behind your bottom teeth. Practice singing this sound several times to help increase the focus of your tone.

Step 4 Feel your cords close together by singing with the vowel sound "eh." This will help to close the vocal cords, which will help the vocal cords to vibrate more evenly.

Step 5 Sing staccato notes on the syllable "i" to help prevent singing with too much thickness on the vocal cords. This will constrict the vocal cords and prevent them from vibrating too much.


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