How to Switch Chords From Tenor to Baritone

Often, it is not necessary to change the pitch of chords when moving from tenor to baritone if the pitches in the tenor do not extend past E above middle C. The difference between the two ranges is only a musical third. However, if the goal is to make the music fit comfortably in the range of the baritone, then some small adjustments will be necessary. Knowledge of the chromatic scale and the concept of musical intervals is necessary to complete this process without errors.

Step 1 Learn how to transpose down a minor third. To do this, use the chromatic scale and count down four half-steps. An A transposed down a minor third would be an F sharp.

Step 2 Transpose the first pitch of the tenor part down a minor third. Double-check to make sure you transposed the note correctly.

Step 3 Continue to transpose each note in the tenor part down a minor third. Make sure you copy all of the accidentals, bar lines, key signatures and other score elements.


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