How to Switch From Mono to Stereo in GarageBand

GarageBand provides Macintosh computer users with a free program to edit and manipulate audio. It is the entry-level audio application to the flagship product Logic Studio. While this program may be basic, it allows the user to make significant edits that are normally only possible in more expensive programs. While the default setting for all audio files is normally a stereo setting, you may occasionally find yourself working with a mono track on accident due to accidentally selecting a wrong setting.

Step 1:  Open your audio file to prepare to make the necessary modifications to your audio track.

Step 2:  Click on the audio track that you would like to turn back to a stereo track. If you have more than one track, you will have to complete this process for each track.

Step 3:  Select the "Real Instrument" tab from the top left portion of the screen.

Step 4:  Open the "Input Source" drop-down menu and change it from "Mono 1" or "Mono 2" to "Stereo."

Step 5:  Export your song as a "stereo" file when finished. Click on the "Share" menu on the top menu bar. Select the "Export Song to Disk" option and then under the "Audio Settings" drop-down menu select "Custom." Change the export option from mono to stereo, click "OK" and save your audio file.


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