How to Switch From a Trombone to a Bass Trombone

The bass trombone and tenor trombone are very similar instruments. The main difference is that the bass trombone is bigger. This may make it more difficult for some players to reach the higher pitches. The slide positions stay mostly the same. The main difference is that the distance between positions is further on a bass trombone. By learning the difference between the two instruments and a few simple differences in positions, it is possible to easily switch between them.

Step 1 Learn the slide positions for the bass trombone. There is a fingering chart in the Resource section.

Step 2 Practice playing long-tones on the bass trombone to help develop proper tone. The bass trombone will require more air than the trombone to play properly. 

Step 3 Develop your high range by playing slurs and slowly extending your range by half steps. Play a Bb above the staff followed by a B and then back to Bb. Then play Bb to C to Bb. Continue adding a half step each time until you can't play higher. Take a five-minute break and then try to extend your range again. 

Step 4 Practice the same etudes and exercises that you played on the tenor trombone on the bass trombone. This will help you to develop your technique. 

Step 5 Practice both instruments daily if you plan to play both. It willl require daily practice to keep your technique on both instruments at a high level.


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