How to Write an Endorsement Letter for a Music Student

Writing an endorsement letter for a music student is a straightforward process.

Occasionally it may be necessary to write a letter of endorsement for a music student. These letters are straightforward and require four main sections. Complete these sections entirely for the endorsement letter to serve its purpose for the candidate. Leave any of these sections out and the student may suffer. A good letter of endorsement will discuss how you know the student and in what context, and will provide personal and professional insight into the student.

Describe the relationship that you have with the student in the first section. This should discuss the student’s level of leadership, competency, reliability and any skills that are relevant to the position. Discuss how you know the student in the second section. Talk about the focus with which your relationship existed, including how long you worked with the student and in what capacity.

Determine what the student’s impact upon the organization was in the third section. If the student went beyond normal requirements, this is a good place to describe it. Discuss whether the student was a valued member or if her services were average.

Divulge any information that is pertinent to the student's application in the final section. If the student has special skills or accomplishments, this is a good place to add those. This section is free for the endorser to write their own comments about the student.

Sign the document and seal the letter in an envelope. It may be necessary to make several copies. Be certain to ask if multiple copies are needed.


  • Avoid discussing private matters in your letter of endorsement.
  • Don't agree to write a recommendation for someone you are not comfortable writing one for.


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