Ideas for a Music T-Shirt

Creating your own music-themed t-shirt is great for promoting your band, solo album or just expressing your own musical interests. Music involves the art of expressing emotions, feelings and moods that aren't easily expressed in other media. Thinking deeply about abstract music concepts such as melody, rhythm and the system in which music functions, distributes, performs and materializes will help you to create a T-shirt that reflects your personal musical ideals.

Graphic Artist 

Hire a graphic artist to help design your T-shirt. Determine ahead of time what style of music you want to be displayed and discuss your favorite bands or musical interests with the artist. Have them create a sketch of the design for you before drawing the completed product. A graphic artist will be able to help you think of creative ways of expressing your music interests. They may suggest combining certain musical symbols in a mosaic that when looked at close-up will show several musical symbols interlaced but from a distance will appear to be the sign of a treble clef.

Music Symbols 

Creative use of music symbols can send a music message. Use a fermata, more commonly known as a bird’s eye symbol. Place a music staff on the shirt with a whole measure rest and underneath it write "Be Quiet" or "Silence." You could print a favorite melody on your shirt. Additional symbols to consider are music notes, such as sixteenth note, quarter notes, and half notes. You could also use dynamic markings such as piano, fortissimo, and crescendos.

Band Shirts 

If you have your own band or ensemble, advertise it with your shirt. Place the website address of your group on the back of the shirt and a picture of the bands logo or an actual picture of the group on the front. Advertise your latest album to get some additional exposure. You can place the album artwork and album title on the front of the shirt.


Get a picture of your favorite instrument or section within an orchestra or band. Place the instrument along with a treble clef or bass clef to indicate the instrument range. If you are a conductor place an image of a baton or place a favorite quote from a composer or conductor.

Concert Dates 

If you have a band write a list of concert dates on the back of your shirt. This is a great way to advertise to people that might not know your group. This works if you are just a fan as well. Find a list of all the concert dates for your favorite band, or maybe a list of their albums and help spread the word about their music.


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