Muting an Audio Track

Muting a split audio track involves a simple process that only takes a few minutes. The audio editor of your choice will contain an option to the left of the waveform to solo or mute individual audio tracks. When dealing with split audio, the left and right channels of the audio file split into two different tracks. This makes it possible to edit each track individually and to mute the desired track to monitor different parts of the audio.

Step 1 Select the track that you would like to mute by clicking on the waveform. The waveform consists of the visual representation of the audio files' frequencies. It looks similar to a wave, with peaks and valleys. Split tracks contain two audio files that typically correspond to left and right tracks. In some multichannel audio files, up to seven tracks occur.

Step 2 Depress the "Mute" button, icon or radio using your left mouse button in the "Track Control Panel." On a Macintosh system, the main mouse button works for this process. This panel appears to the left of each audio track. It typically contains information about the bitrate and frequency of the audio recording.

Step 3 Play the track to confirm that the split track has been muted.

All audio programs have an interface to the left of the audio track. Several options exist for changing a track. The most basic programs have "Mute" and "Solo" as options. Ensure that track view is enabled. Normally, this view comes enabled by default; many programs will not even allow you to hide the track view.


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