Singing Birthday Party Tips, Suggestions, and Ideas

A singing birthday party can use musical themes as decorations. Use a treble and bass clef design on your cake and music-themed party bags for the guests. The halls and tables can be decorated with music notes and famous singers. However, none of these ideas will be sufficient to entertain the guests if you don't have enjoyable singing themed games. Each game can last 20 minutes, with the winner receiving a prize. Between games, you can serve cake, open presents and play music to let the guests mingle.


Play a chord progression on a piano that repeats. Something simply like C major, G major and back to C major. Repeat this progression and let singers individually improvise the tune.

If you don't have piano skills, get a recording of a well-known piece like "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Play the instrumental version only and let the singer sing along to this and other familiar tunes while making up her own lyrics. This is a great way to pass the time, and you can even place someone, maybe the guest of honor, to judge the contestants.

Breath Support

Because this is a singing party, you will likely have many singers in attendance. Have all of the singers stand up and sing the same note for as long as possible. The last singer standing wins and will know that he has the largest diaphragm.
Another option for a similar game is to have singers compete with each other to see who can repeat four notes the most amount of times. Play or sing four notes and have each singer sing each note and repeat the pattern until he makes a mistake or runs out of air. The singer who gets the most sequences of the four-note pattern wins.


This is an effective and enjoyable way to pass the time in a singing birthday party. Rent a karaoke machine so that participants can go up on stage and follow the words on the screen while singing. Many songs even allow for more than one singer so that groups can go up and sing together. This can be a lot of fun for the singers and provides you with an easy and relaxing way to entertain your guests. No prize is necessary for this event because the participants can receive recognition and applause from the audience.

Song Identification

Depending on the nature of the singing party, choose a selection of songs from a particular genre. For instance, if the group consists of opera singers, gather a selection of opera arias from several different operas. If you have a general group where not everyone is a singer, then select hits from a certain period of time. Use songs from the 1980s if most of the people grew up during that decade, for example, or you can choose more modern music if the guests are younger. Play songs and have guests try to guess the name of the song. For each correct answer, give the participant a piece of candy or some small prize.


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