French Horn Repair Tools

Having the right tool to repair your French horn with will make a difference in the success of your own personal repair job without the need to go to a repair job. Each tool performs a specific function, and their cost is relatively inexpensive, possibly saving you a trip to the repair shop. Acquire the tools you need and keep them available so that when accidents happen, you will be ready.

Mouthpiece Trueing Tool

When performing, it sometimes happens that a mouthpiece will fall out of the instrument and land in such a way that it dents the lead pipe of the mouthpiece. A mouthpiece-trueing tool makes it possible to remove dents and restore the mouthpiece to its original form. The tool consists of stainless steel and a metal grip to make it comfortable to hold.

Water Key Spring Installation Tool

The water key spring installation tool makes it possible to install a new, more reliable spring in your instrument. Springs tend to lose their firmness over time, so it is important to be able to remove the water spring and replace it. The tool works by attaching the spring to the end of the tool, and then, the tool will help you maneuver inside the water key to install the spring successfully.

Mouthpiece Puller

French horn mouthpieces become jammed for many reasons. Often, it is because of an improperly handled horn dropped on the mouthpiece. To remove the mouthpiece without damaging the lead pipe of the horn, you will need to use a mouthpiece puller. This tool attaches to the lead pipe and the mouthpiece and then separates the two parts with the use of a crank.

Dent Hammers

Several different sized dent hammers may be used to remove dents in the French horn. The easiest dents to remove are the dents near the bell and the front of the lead pipe. As you move towards the center of the instrument, it becomes necessary to separate the instrument at the joints to reach the dent to hammer the dent back to its original form. The hammers used have smooth rounded circular corners, making it possible to safely remove dents.


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