Gifts for a Cello Player

Finding the right gift for a cellist requires attention to items that a cellist needs to play her instrument. Most cellists will appreciate a thoughtful gift that shows you are interested in their music. Remember that musicians can be very passionate and particular about the components for their instrument. For this reason, it is best to find a present they can customize, or that doesn’t relate directly to their playing.

Gift Cards

Cellists spend plenty of money on supplies needed for their instrument. Gift cards can be a good solution for those who want to ensure their recipient receives exactly what he needs. The problem with purchasing supplies for them is that you can never be sure you have bought the right item. Cellists need rosin, bow maintenance, polish, music stands and several other items that a cellist needs to perform at a high level.


Jewelry can be an ideal gift if the recipient is a woman or a man who wears jewelry. Plenty of options are available for you to select. The cello plays in the bass clef, which makes a bass clef necklace or pendant a good choice. You may also be able to find a necklace with a cello bridge, the instrument itself or a cello bow. Taking the time to select a piece of jewelry is a way to show that you appreciate her.


Cellists who wish to make a name as a performer need to have professional headshots taken. This can be expensive, but it is an important part of their career development. If they don’t have headshots, pay for them to get their headshots taken at a high-quality photo studio. They will surely appreciate the amount of thought that you put into this gift, and a performer can always use more than one set of headshots.


You can find several classy figurines on the market to purchase for your cellist. Figurines of cello players performing in silver, gold and bronze exist and make ideal gifts for them to remember you by. Other options include cello pins, magnets, and models of cellos carved in detail. All of these ideas will make the cellist in your life a very happy performer.


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