How to Make a Guitar Sound Acoustic With Distortion

You can create a pure acoustic sound on an electric guitar and apply distortion by tweaking a few settings. However, the sound your electric guitar produces will only come moderately close to that of an acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar creates sound with its internal sound chambers, and it is difficult to replicate this sound using the digital signals of an electronic instrument. It may be necessary to buy additional equipment to create the sound you are looking for.

Step 1 Apply distortion to the amplifier by turning the volume knob counterclockwise until it is off, then turning the gain knob clockwise to the 8 o'clock position. Gradually increase the volume while playing until you have an appropriate amount of distortion.

Step 2 Find heavier strings for your guitar. The heavier strings will help provide a sound that is more similar to an acoustic guitar.

Step 3 Adjust the tone knobs on the guitar to the highest setting, then slowly turn the knobs down until the treble sound is dissipated. Listen carefully to the change in sound and stop when you get a sound that is similar to an acoustic guitar.

Purchase and attach an effects pedal to your amp to make the guitar sound like an acoustic guitar. Several companies manufacture pedals that you can use. Consider amplifying an acoustic guitar through the use of an electric pickup attached to the strings. This will give you an acoustic sound and allow you to use your amp to create distortion.


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