How to Make a Hand Trumpet

Making a hand trumpet provides the ability to create impromptu tunes using just your hand. This humorous trick requires little skill, but the more you practice the more proficient you will be at playing all sorts of melodies. Playing the hand trumpet provides a great way to entertain your friends. Hand trumpets are simple musical devices that anybody can play with little to no experience. With some practice, playing melodies on your hand trumpet will come easily.

Step 1 Make your right hand into a fist. Leave a small hole between your thumb and index fingers. This hole will allow the air to travel through your hand.

Step 2 Buzz with your lips and keep your embouchure firm. To form an embouchure, pretend you are sucking through a straw.

Step 3 Blow through your lips into your hand. To raise the pitch increase the tension in your lips. To lower the pitch reduce the tension.

Place your left hand over your right hand and pretend like you are pressing valves. The hand actually has no effect on the pitch. It is the tension in your lips that creates the sound.


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