Great Birthday Ideas for Party Treat Bags With a Music Theme

A music-themed birthday party can be educational and fun for the kids. Since there are four main instrument families in the orchestra, you can create themes based on any one instrument group. This will make it possible for kids to choose an instrument that relates to them while teaching them a little about the different instrument families in an enjoyable way.


Purchase treat bags that have a picture of a string instrument on the outside. Then, fill the treat bags with toys and games that use strings. You can include mouth harps, small toy banjos and cards that show pictures of string instruments. Include candy that resembles string, such as licorice. You can also include a can of silly string for the kids to play with. Think creatively and include items that include string such as yo-yos and toys with pull-strings.


Woodwind instrument treat bags can include anything that uses air to produce sound. You can include inexpensive recorders that cost less than a few dollars. Games made out of wood, such as building blocks or wooden puzzles. Choose candy that is brown or has a grainy texture such as malt balls. You can also include a Symphony brand chocolate bar or anything else with a music reference. Include toys made of wood such as boats or wooden airplanes. Buy treat bags with images of flutes, clarinets or any other woodwind instrument that you can find.


For the brass instrument treat bags, include chocolate gold coins that resemble the gold texture of a brass instrument. Toy trumpets and plastic horns are also good options for these treat bags. Include toy rings, jacks or even toy cars, since these are all items that are made out of metal. Play coins can also be a fun addition that kids can use to pretend to open a store and sell items. Make sure the treat bag has a picture of a trumpet, trombone, tuba or French horn on the outside.


Percussion instrument treat bags provide several options for toys and candies. Include, noisemakers, toy drums and bouncing balls, since mallet heads are often made from rubber balls. You can also include candies that are hard or create a fizzling sensation in the mouth when eaten. Rock candy is a good option, especially if it comes with a small hammer to chip away at the rock. Anything that relates to instruments that hammer, strike, stroke or bang will work for a percussion instrument treat bag.


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